Stonehenge Victory

There is breaking news on the proposed road tunnel at Stonehenge which I reported on over the past few years. The High Court of Justice in the UK has reversed the government’s authorization for the development in a victory for preservation campaigners. According to a summary at 39 Essex Chambers:

The High Court has quashed the development consent order (“DCO”) which authorises the construction of a dual-carriageway road tunnel at Stonehenge to replace the existing A303 road.  Mr Justice Holgate allowed the judicial review by Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Limited on 30th July 2021 on two grounds, relating to the adequacy of the information before Ministers and his consideration of alternatives.

The judge ruled that transport secretary Grant Shapps acted “irrationally and unlawfully” when he approved the project. This is excellent news that will hopefully safeguard the site going forward. My previous posts on the subject are linked below.

Help Save Stonehenge
Stonhenge Undermined

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