A Wodehousian Reading List

P.G. Wodehouse on his reading habits, in The Paris Review (Winter, 1975):

INTERVIEWER: …What have you been reading most recently?

WODEHOUSE: I’ve been reading the old books, books that I’ve read before. The first time you read a book, you don’t read it at all carefully—you just read it for the story. You have to keep rereading. Every year or so I read Shakespeare straight through. But then I go to the latest by Agatha Christie or Rex Stout. I read every book of theirs. I do like a book with an elaborate plot. But I haven’t any definite plan of reading. I read almost everything, and I like anything that’s good. I’ve just reread a book by A.A. Milne’s called Two People, which I had read several times before. His novel is simply a novel of character. It’s not the sort of think I can write myself, but as a reader I enjoy it thoroughly.

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